SEO Assignment

Audience & Objectives

The intended target audience for this website is fans of classic rock, heavy rock, progressive and heavy metal music.  Other musicians, guitarists in particular, would also be a target group as I would intend to blog about music technology & developments and to write reviews on instruments and equipment.

My intention is that they would use the site, primarily to read the blog articles, but that they would look at other parts of the site and become interested in learning more about the artist and the projects he’s involved in.

For this exercise I will be focusing on targeting fans of Classic Rock/Heavy Metal by optimising a blog article for search success using Google Ads Keyword tool as a guide for selecting effective words/phrases to boost SEO.

Initial List Of Keyword Ideas

I started an ad campaign called Blog Success and created an ad group called Thin Lizzy article. I came up with a list of keywords I felt were relevant to the topic, some broad and some very specific. I then added all major English speaking countries as target locations, and checked the search volume for the my chosen keywords.

Because my blog focuses on a niche market, the competition for most were listed as low, but the phrases ‘Philip Lynott’ and ‘Thin Lizzy’ were among the most searched (10k – 100k per month), which seemed perfect for my blog article on Philp Lynott’s last single. It would be my intention to perform a similar exercise for every blog article I write for this website.

Keyword table

I decided to include as many famous band names as possible as long as they were relevant to the article to increase the amount of searchable keywords in the piece. When I eventually have more articles featuring these bands on the blog, I could link the articles with hyperlinks on these words, thus improving the article’s PA (page authority). I thought also, that it might be a good idea to mention that Metallica recorded a cover version of Thin Lizzy’s ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ as I noticed that it appears as a suggested question in Google search. Though not one of my chosen keywords, including that song name is probably a good idea from an SEO point of view (maybe semantic SEO), as it is so well known. Links to other secure sites providing more information where relevant were also included as this can help with a page’s ranking.

Example of suggested Google queries about the song ‘Whiskey in the Jar’

One important thing I learned form this exercise was the importance of keywords with regard to the site description meta data. For example, I would have thought something like ‘Rock Music Blog’ would have been a good idea to include as a meta description but as we can see from the keyword research, the volume of searches for this term is extremely low.