Nineteen,’ was released at the tail end of 1985 shortly before Philip Lynott’s untimely death. The track was produced by Paul Hardcastle, who oddly enough, had a major hit with a completely different song with the same name only a few months before!

It didn’t chart as well as expected but it’s a fantastic song with a cool video to boot. Philip’s natural charisma really comes to the fore and he looks as comfortable as ever before the cameras. There’s no visible hint at all to betray the fact that he wasn’t too well at the time as his years of drug abuse had eventually caught up with him. Sadly, he died only a few short weeks later.

While promoting the track in late ’85, Philip talked excitedly about the future, about further collaborations with Gary Moore, and about a possible Thin Lizzy reunion. It’s a real shame that none of these things came to pass. This track, however, displays the kind of potential for further greatness that Philip Lynott still had within him, and had he survived, the nineteen eighties could’ve been a great decade for him.

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